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                            header for headlight project  Next section------>

I recently install a set of Depo projector headlights and found the installation instruction were vary poor.
I decided to make a detailed instruction with photos to make this install as simple and easy as possible
for our readers. Any clarification on this project can be directed to this site at ------>

(1) Projection Headlight Kit, consists of 2 projector headlights, mounting screws and a total of 8 brackets.

headlight package

(2) Headlight cover, to be able to access the bottom panels, jack up the chassis and install jack stands or drive up on car ramps or if you are one of the lucky one's lift the car on you host.

headlight cover photo

(3) Open hood and manually open light cover by turning the headlight motor.

photo of headlight motor manual .


Next section -------->

(4) Remove headlight cover screws and lift off cover.

photo removing rear light cover screws

right side cover screw  photo of removable of left side cover screw

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